Premium Account

Despite being relatively new in the market, Daofile is increasingly becoming popular for various reasons. With a premium account, you’ll get faster downloads no matter where you are. You can also load and store an unlimited amount of backup data without any problems.

What Is Daofile?

It is an online storage resource where users can add, store, and share important documents.

Essentially, it functions through web-based random separation, in which the system exchanges indices to secure every transaction and ensure privacy.

Daofile eliminates the need for external storage media such as USB drives and hard disks to store your files. This platform enables you to control and manage all of your archives at any location worldwide.

You can enjoy the services for free provided you have a reliable device and internet connection. However, the free package has limited storage.

Furthermore, transfer speeds are extremely slow. Given this, it is critical to update to a premium account to enjoy more storage room and quicker upload speeds.

Daofile Premium Benefits

Getting a Daofile premium membership is commendable because it comes with various benefits.

daofile premium

Here are the advantages of the paid package:

Extra Storage Space

Free members receive 1 GB of storage space, while premium members receive up to 500 GB of cloud storage. You’ll get an extra extension standby space, as well as a backup space reservation and a clear display of used and available space.

There Is No Captcha or Annoying Adverts

You will not have to input captcha codes or deal with annoying advertisements when sharing files. In essence, you can finally say goodbye to captcha and third-party advertisements.

You Can Run Parallel Downloads

If you need to make multiple downloads, you don’t have to do so one at a time. Instead, you’ll have access to an unlimited number of parallel downloads. The feature is an excellent opportunity for frequent users who must upload multiple files simultaneously.

Your Downloads Start Immediately

You can start downloads right away on a paid account. There are no suspensions or waiting periods common in standard packages.

Furthermore, it makes no difference if you pause your downloads for any reason. You can pick up where you left off at any time without having to repeat the whole process.

Enjoy Unlimited Speeds

With a premium package, you’ll be able to download at full speed without any restrictions. The premium version eliminates the 90 seconds waiting time that standard users experience before a download begins.

Organized File Management

Because of the well-organized layout, managing your files on the premium version is super easy. You can quickly sort, search, move, delete, rename, copy, or transfer your files.

It makes no difference how you index; rest assured that you will complete every process uninterrupted by the system.

For example, you can delete your file using a unique link generated by the system after uploading it.

Safe and Secure Downloads

Daofile premium is at the top of the most reliable web hosting services list when it comes to security. First, you’ll create a password and a security code that you’ll use when performing sensitive tasks like deleting files.

The code protects your account, preventing cyber-attacks and unauthorized use of your account.

Furthermore, when upgrading to the premium version, the website employs encryption keys to safeguard your payments.

More Than Document Sharing

Daofile is more than just a platform for document sharing and storage. The premium version also allows you to transfer and store images, videos, audio files, and contacts.

The only exceptions are pornography, nudity, explicit photos, copyrighted content, and any other type of obscene content.

All Round Customer Support

Users can ask questions about their accounts under Daofile’s FAQ section. However, if you have an emergency issue, you may require in-depth input from the customer care center. The premium version provides email support round the clock throughout the week.

Daofile Premium Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Daofile Premium offers a more affordable framework that helps users get more for their money than other shared hosting platforms.

daofile price

It has four payment plans: 1 month, 90 days, one year, and 999 days.

  • The monthly plan costs $19.95
  • A three-month plan costs $39.95
  • An annual plan costs $89
  • A 999-day plan costs $129.95

Here’s a breakdown of the various account types:


1. What Happens If I Can’t Recall My Password?

 If you lost your login code, you could refresh the settings and restore your account. To gain access to your Daofile account, click the “Forgot password” link on the page. Enter your email address and wait for an auto-generated link.

2. Can I View the Files Uploaded by Other Users?

No. Daofile respects the privacy of its customers and ensures that only file owners and those with authorized links have access to relevant files. As a result, it is impossible to view files from other users.

3. How Do I Remove a File from My Library?

Deleting a file that you uploaded necessitates the use of a delete link, which comes upon upload.

If you’ve misplaced your expulsion code, wait patiently until the file expires, and the site will automatically delete it.

Final Thoughts

Daofile is a trustworthy file hosting and sharing service. It provides an excellent file storage system and simple file management tools.

However, if you want to use extra features, you must update your account to Daofile premium.

With a premium account, your options are virtually limitless. You’ll get faster downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple downloads, and improved security.

In addition, premium rates are convenient and affordable. Whether you choose 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, or 999 days, there is something for everyone. It all depends on your preferences.